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Eday Exportz is one of the leading Agriculture Commodity Exporters & manufacturer in India. The company is exporting Agriculture Commodities
to customers across the globe. The company deals in a various Agriculture Products such as Coconut powder, Chemical free Sugarcane jaggery, Ginger, Garlic,
onion, Potato, Rice. Our company has skilled and knowledgeable employees who are directly purchase Agriculture Products from selected farmers so
we supply good quality of Agriculture Products to our business partner.

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Onion is essential food in day life, without onion we are not imagining of any cuisines. There are different types of onion products available in market which is very form its color, size and taste.

Garlic is historical crop in world. Garlic origin is assumed in central Asia. It is spices products and well known for its herbal uses. Indian garlic production in world is very huge quantity.

Our potato flake and starch products are good in taste with high nutrition value. Potato flake and potato starch is very easy to make food from that with same test like fresh potato.

India is 2nd largest producer of groundnut in world. In which Gujarat is 1st in production of groundnut. We are located in this state of saurashtra region which is famous for its superior quality of ground nut.